Technology Acquisitions with Confidence

Technology acquisitions present a complex and varied set of challenges. We help companies get a clearer view of potential acquisition target technology by uncovering issues that can threaten the success of the acquisition. Our methodical approach helps business and technology leaders pursue acquisitions with confidence.

What We Do

Tech DNA provides comprehensive, confidential and unbiased analysis of software and software teams in the M&A context.

In 2 to 3 weeks, Tech DNA assesses a target company’s:

Overall software quality:  What is the state–both good and bad–of the current code.
Overall technical team ability:  Their technical knowledge, how well managed they are, and if they can make good choices going forward.

Clients rely on our assessments to identify numerous risks, the most common of which are:

Security risk:  The target does not follow best security practices or carelessly uses older technologies known to contain unfixable security risks.
Open source risk:  The target uses third party code that compels disclosure of sensitive IP.
Integration risk:  The target’s code is too “rigid” and will not integrate quickly or easily enough to meet proposed deadlines or merit current valuation.
Scale risk:  The target’s technology won’t scale to meet the growth as planned or required to justify valuation.
Obsolescence risk:  The target’s code is at the end of its lifecycle and there are significant near–term costs to maintain current market position.

Based on our assessments, clients have:

Walked away:  Walked away from bad deals.
Lowered the price:  Renegotiated lower valuations where targets have oversold their technology or the integration timetable.
Avoided risk:  Required pre–close fixes to shield the acquirer from various risks, including risks magnified by the acquisition (usually licensing and security risks).
Managed costs:  Set accurate post–close integration timetables and budgets.


Tech DNA typically assesses an entire company’s technology and technology team in 14 to 21 days. We can usually start within 24 hours of being engaged.

For more information and/or to get started, please email Tech DNA principal Michael Kauffman or call him on his mobile at: +1.206.939.1289.