Tech DNA is a group of highly skilled “been there, done that” engineers, academics, data scientists, lawyers, and business executives.

Join us.

Tech DNA has given me some of the most interesting work I've ever done. And the Tech DNA team has an unprecedented breadth and depth of experience to share.

I just think about and see technology differently now.

-- 35-year tech-veteran and 5 time CTO, named patent holder for multiple Fortune 100 technology company patents


Based in Seattle, Global in Scope

We have an international work force with a strong center of gravity in Seattle. Our projects are all over the world – 35 countries (shown in darker green) and counting – although many projects are done remotely so we can accommodate most work locations.

No US work visa required if located outside the US.

Essential Skills

On top of decades of relevant technical experience, successful candidates understand business and how technology and business intersect to create value. They are strong writers and good presenters: Our typical audience is Fortune 100 upper management and private equity partners, many of whom deploy $100’s of millions annually. You should be comfortable forming, writing, presenting, and defending risk-based opinions based on limited information – it’s sometimes all we get, but decisions still have to be made nonetheless.

Interesting Work, Interesting Team

We offer extremely interesting work and extremely interesting people to work with. If you’ve often been a step above those around you, Tech DNA offers the chance to work with peers and think about interesting problems from a vantage point rarely permitted.

Part-Time Contract Work to Start

Our work is project-based and all consultants start part-time on contract as independent contractors. After successful interviews, you’ll shadow and join project teams as appropriate. Where there is mutual interest, you may be invited to join as a full-time employee, but this typically takes a year or more. We are unable to offer full-time employment to new consultants at this time.

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PLEASE SEND RESUMES TO [email protected].