Michael Kauffman

Michael Kauffman

Principal and Chief Legal Officer

Linkedin michael.kauffman@tech-dna.net

Michael has more than 20 years of technology experience and over 10 years of legal experience. He has advised Global Fortune 500 companies on both technical and legal matters, sometimes the two combined. Today, he oversees Tech DNA service offerings and advises companies on the business and management implications of the risks revealed by Tech DNA technology findings. He also leads the Tech DNA Open Source and General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Teams, regularly assisting client counsel with the technical and legal nuances of open source liability and privacy regulations.  Michael was recently published in Forbes on the GDPR’s effect on Facebook and Google.

Michael began programming for fun at age 9, and for a living at age 19. He started in software testing and worked his way up through programmer, DBA, database programmer, lead programmer, UX architect, systems architect and, finally, IT Director and CTO. He has worked as an employee, contractor or consultant to, among others, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, University of Washington and various startups, including Cesari Interactive, Blockbuy.com and DataPatrol.

Michael earned his JD (with honors) from The George Washington University Law School and has represented large multinational corporations, sovereign countries and startups on a range of legal matters, both in court and numerous private transactions and negotiations. Michael has, as an associate or law clerk, worked for the Center for International Environmental Law, the United States Department of Justice and American and European offices of Salans (now Dentons, the world’s largest law firm).

In addition to his JD, Michael was awarded a BA in History from Colorado College, where he was on the Dean’s List.