Enhanced Decision-Making Effectiveness

For many companies, technology acquisitions present a set of significant challenges. We have a history of successful technical due diligence and technology assessment; helping our clients navigate these challenges and make the right acquisition and investment decisions.

A few of the projects we have worked on are listed below.

Customer-Relationship Management Acquisition

This acquisition by a Fortune 500 CRM company extended the CRM system’s capabilities by enabling social monitoring and analytics features. The role of Tech DNA was to describe the overall architecture of the product and the use of third-party development, as well as key aspects of the REST API.

Cloud Metrics Acquisition

This acquisition by a Fortune 100 cloud software company introduced new cloud monitoring functionality to the company’s cloud offerings. Tech DNA was asked to investigate specific integration issues and software development process compatibility, including test infrastructure and technical documentation.

Mobile App Acquisitions

Tech DNA has looked at a number of mobile apps for Fortune 500 clients. Common issues include: identifying code common to both iOS and Android apps, reviewing testing and documentation practices and evaluating multi-touch effectiveness. We’ve also investigated scale issues around the mobile services backend, the reliability and robustness of public APIs, coding design patterns used and accessibility (for disabled users) of the mobile and web UIs.

Line-Of-Business App Technology Assessments (Global Logistics Company)

A Fortune 500 international logistics company that helps enable global trade purchased a Java-based line-of-business application to enhance internal logistics management capabilities. Tech DNA was asked to review the architecture, consult on strategies for optimizing the investment by leveraging the technology in new ways and identify challenges related to integration of the software with the company’s existing IT portfolio.

For the same client, we evaluated a set of recently acquired line-of-business applications used at a secure US Customs monitored facility. Of particular focus was scalability of the system across our client’s global IT operations and plans for managing the applications in the context of a broader internal Java/DB2/J2EE-based app ecosystem.

Embedded Software Acquisitions

Tech DNA has evaluated two embedded-software systems for our clients, including a multi-touch display device and a multi-tier storage device. Our role was to evaluate firmware and driver-level code as well as the application code base and testability. Our review resulted in positive assessment of development processes and code quality and identification of key staff members to assist with hiring decisions associated with the acquisition.

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